Have you ever noticed how easily a child learns a new language?
As you think about it, isn’t it a stark contrast with the struggling process students usually face when learning a foreign language at school?

In the immersive environment of the child, the new language is mostly learned by listening and repeating, and this is the natural way for the brain to pick up unconsciously the vocabulary, syntax and grammatical nuances of a new language.

The key idea of the Progresso Apps is to offer you a learning environment for natural and intuitive learning of the vocabulary, grammar and syntax, in a progressive and cumulative way, mimicking for the brain a context where the language is a communication tool to describe and enrich the world rather than an abstract assembly of words and grammatical rules.

With the Progresso Apps You will find yourself picking up the language spontaneously with few efforts and in culturally enriching way.

How does it work ?

To learn a new language with the Progresso Apps, there is one and only important rule: study every day one lesson.

This is the single major rule to follow because daily practice simulates the immersive environment of natural learning.

Even as little as 10 min every day will, over several weeks and months, give amazing results. As the lessons are composed of small narratives and all sentences are separately registered in a lively, accentuated records, the daily study becomes a pleasant and culturally enriching experience.

The main task of the student will be to listen and repeat out loud, several times the sentences, while reviewing the translation and grammatical notes for easy understanding. At the end of the week the intuitive learning is consolidated by reversing the process and using the learned vocabulary and grammar to translate the lessons directly in the learned language.

This internalisation process of the learning enables the student to “think in” the language in a spontaneous and intuitive way. With this regular and systematic method, the language complexity is fragmented in small, easy to get blocks, and the actively reinforced acquisition enables a progressive, solid and intuitive accumulation of the language, leading to an advanced and refined level of mastery.